Augustin Marlorat

Sermons preached by John Calvin are not so readily available as his commentaries. Several volumes were published in the Reformation period but were not subsequently re-published. However, we have access to a number of titles which give us some appreciation of Calvin the preacher.

Given the age of some of these books, and therefore the typefaces used, it may be better to start with a more recent selection of sermons. This selection, dating from 1831, has had the language corrected and revised.

The older titles include: Sermons on Deuteronomy, 1583; on the Ten Commandments, 1581; on Job, 1574; on Psalm 119, 1580; on Jonah, 1578 (to which is attached expositions by Augustin Marlorat on 2 & 3 John); and Galatians, 1574.

There is also a book of Four Sermons, published in 1579, which includes a brief exposition of Psalm 87. Another edition, published in 1561, and printed in black letter can be accessed here.


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