Folder The Testimony 1865 - 1870

The Testimony was edited by Rev William McIntyre and was a monthly commenced in October 1865 in the interest of that part of the PCEA which remained outside the union which produced the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales on 8 September 1865. It ceased with the February 1870 issue shortly prior to McIntyre's death. It was succeeded by a weekly newspaper edited by Rev George Sutherland which was published 1874-86 but is not available on this website.


pdf 03. The Testimony, 1868 Popular


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The Testimony, ed. Wm McIntyre, (3) Jan - Dec 1868.pdf

pdf 04. The Testimony, 1869 - 1870 Popular


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The Testimony, ed. Wm McIntyre, (4) Jan 1869 -Feb. 1870.pdf

The Testimony was edited by the Rev. William McIntyre up until his death in 1870.

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