• Church of Scotland Assembly

Chapter 08


Of the Deacons and their Office, the last Ordinary Function in the Church.

1. The word Diakonos sometimes is largely taken, comprehending all them that bear office in the Ministry and spiritual function in the Church. But now, as we speak, it is taken only for them unto whom the collection and distribution of the alms of the faithful and ecclesiastical goods (property) do belong.

2. The office of the Deacons so taken is an ordinary and perpetual ecclesiastical function in the Church of Christ. Of what properties (qualities) and duties he ought to be that is called to this function, we remit it to the manifest Scriptures. The Deacon ought to be called and elected as the rest of the spiritual officers, of the which election (it) was spoken before.

3. Their office and power is to receive and to distribute all the ecclesiastical goods unto them to whom they are appointed. This they ought to do according to the judgment and appointment of the Presbyteries or Elderships (of the which they deacons are not), that the patrimony of the Church and poor be not converted to private men's uses, nor wrongfully distributed.

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