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    28 June 2018
    Christian Life
    This text tells us two things about God. First, the God of the Bible is the only God that can give us deliverance from oppressive situations. Second, God wants to give us more than what we have. This means that we should never think that we have enou...
    28 June 2018
    Church Life
    THE HASTINGS RIVER CONGREGATION OF THE PCEA INVITES YOU TO ATTENDTHE CENTENARY OF THE DAVIS MEMORIAL CHURCHIN WAUCHOPEOPENED ON 29th AUGUST 1918.The celebration is to be held at 41 Cameron Street, Wauchope on Saturday 1st September 201...
    15 June 2018
    Church Life
    Hebrews 13 outlines the type of behaviours expected in the worshipping community. The first is the expression of mutual love. The second is the behaviour of the congregation toward the leaders of the local church. In this short article, I want to und...


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