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Latest News

22 May 2017
Church Life
You can't help but notice if you've come this far that the website has changed. At the moment there are only a few cosmetic differences, but we hope to adapt and streamline various areas of the site in coming days. Don't be alarmed though, most of th...
01 April 2017
Church Life
Our Expert Tent Pitchers can help! We are now just two weeks away from the PCEA Youth Camp, 2017. Bookings are already coming in and we should have a good group, plus possible day visitors attending as well. We ask that everyone in their cong...
06 March 2017
Subordinate Standards The government of our church is determined by certain documents called "subordinate standards". These standards are subordinate to the ultimate authority of Scripture, the "supreme standard" of church polity. The other subordin...

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